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Online courses of English are a new learning method that would make students feel comfortable in language acquisition right from their very homes, offices, companies or leisure places they travel to. It is a method that has started to gain grounds through the use of learning platforms. Independent teachers now have the opportunity to display their talent virtually, make use of a lifetime teaching experience to transfer knowledge to students worldwide by using classroom methods and most attractive and efficient handouts in order to instruct and practise the language skills of their students. The advantage is that online teaching offers the opportunity to learn at every hour of day or night, in most comfortable conditions, those who engage in a conference with a teacher on a learning platform. The internet is a wonderful resource that allows free access to learning platforms for students and teachers who are willing to take up  the job. Learn English from home, teach English from home with most modern tools and a motivation towards getting or acquiring the skills from an experienced teacher! Availability, patience, communications skills, perseverence and dedication are the strong points a teacher of English needs in order to make himself/herself useful to people around the world.  In turn, students need to be motivated and open to communication, open to sharing ideas and cultural background and not in the least, they need to show attendance with the entire mind and heart in order to benefit.

Elite English House (contact details: is a school of languages that is now engaged into teaching English online to students worldwide, be they primary school students or company employees, modest speakers of English or most experienced ones who are willing to share their intelligence and culture with a teacher from another part of the world. Love for the English language and dedication to a teaching job have been priority features of teachers employed by this school. Their experience goes hand in hand with professional teaching skills acquired beyond university and teaching degrees they have obtained along the teaching years.

Online learning courses are one of the branches we have striven to develop as professionally as possible and we have invested much effort into being ranked among the best in transferring skills to our students. We, therefore, invite you to join us on this trip to discovering the charm of English through efficient and attractive teaching methods and materials that will also give you the opportunity to know cultures other than yours, make new friends and know people around the world by a very simple and most wonderful means, the English language! Join us online now and allow us to be instructors to your needs! Love English through us!

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